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She has been fucked hardless in his office

The young blonde is an assistant in a big box. To please her boss, she made the effort to always dress up classy and sexy with high heels. From time to time, the boss jumps her to relieve himself and she agrees to be seen well by this big bonnet.

An evening by the like

That evening, as she was preparing to pack up her belongings and go home, the gentleman suddenly landed in his office. As usual, this guy is never tender and he likes when it's brutal. Also, for his personal pleasure, he obliges the girl to make him a good job. As a devoted assistant, she goes straight to it. She sits on the desk and the chef puts himself on the chair downstairs. She removes her beautiful pumps then the guy pulls out his wand from his frock. Without further ado, she plays with this tail in the best way possible, at the first touch, the old man is already moaning. She pushes the cock against this big stomach and rolls it to give even more pleasure to this big pervert of boss.

And all ends with enjoyement

He is feeling a real satisfaction with this footjob fetish tube that he no longer resists this secretary slut. He then pulls her legs apart and pushes her onto the desk. He brutally takes off the panties and sucks it with his big mouth that smells smoke. She can not help shouting. Then he turns it over, and on this same table, the boss fucks her hard. Her pussy is heated thoroughly and the guy penetrates it with such force. Still not satisfied, the boss takes her by the ass, this hole very firm and still little used that it breaks up a good dose of semen in it.

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