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How he fuck his best friend's wife in his house

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This woman works at home while her husband is a businessman and is almost never at home. Most of the time, this man undertook extensive travels abroad and comes after several weeks. The woman then feels a bit lonely and sometimes depressed at the thought of thinking that no other man could desire her as long as she stays home. Her husband asked his best friend to come take care of it from time to time. When he visits, they always have a very long discussion. She told him how she felt alone and she needed a man to take care of her sexually and realize his fantasies. As the man often came home, she began to desire. Once, when he testified some provisions, it proposed him to stay a little and drink a few glasses of champagne to thank him.

In his room

After finishing the bottle, they started to get closer and kissing in the living room. The man then took her in his arms, lifted him up and took him to his room. Once at the inside they continued kissing and caressing. Suddenly the man found that she was all wet and he had the good erect penis. She then started licking his dick while he's doing a good cunnilingus.

After a good sixty-nine, he took on all fours while caressing her breasts and her clitoris. He did enjoy him three times during foreplay one and two during the act. A few days later, they are then found in young women to take even more pleasure. As it is also very open sexually, she was not at all against the penetrable to double in front and behind. Since they maintained a good relationship based on sex friend.